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Eye Examination in Keynsham

Your eye test appointment

Your eye examination with any one our experienced Optometrists will typically last around 30 minutes and cover much more than just testing your vision. The health of the eyes will be carefully assessed using state-of-the-art technology, which can help us identify medical conditions such as diabetes or glaucoma that might not have been evident.

During your visit, any problems you're experiencing with vision will be investigated and appropriate advice given by one of our expert Optometrists. If it's necessary to update your prescription and glasses, you'll be taken care of by Dispensing team who will offer full guidance as what would work best for you.


If you wear contact lenses you will require contact lens aftercare check ups. These appointments are different from an eye examination and will require a separate appointment. Click here for more information.

Optometrist Checking Patients Vision

Eye Examinations in Keynsham

The team at Norville Keynsham have been providing excellent service to the community for many years. We develop strong connections with our patients and staff members alike through trust built on honesty, dependability, integrity - all qualities you can rely upon when it comes time for your next eye test.

Details we'll need..

Please provide us with the following information when you arrive at your appointment:

  • NHS or NI number if eligible for an NHS eye examination

  • Any change of address, telephone number, GP surgery, or name

  • Proof of receipt of eligible benefits such as Income Support or Pension Credit if relevant



Your Optometrist may also need to discuss or see:

  • A copy of your most recent prescription (if you are a new patient)

  • The spectacles you currently wear

  • Details of any medication that you are taking

  • Your eye health history

  • Any particular problems you are having with your vision.

Women trying on her new glasses
Women booking an eye test appointment

Book Your Appointment

You can now book and cancel appointments with us at any time.


We know how busy life can be, so we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get the eye care you need. With our MySight online booking portal, you can book appointments when it's convenient for you. 


Click below to book your next appointment today.

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