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Woemn suffering from visual stress

For reasons that are still not well understood, these disturbing effects can often be reduced or even eliminated by placing a sheet of coloured plastic (an overlay) over the page or using coloured lenses.


Interestingly, the colour required to achieve this varies from one person to another and the colour can be different for overlays and lenses.

Colorimetry - An Overlay over the age or using coloured lenses

Visual Stress Management

How ReadEZ Can Help You?

Visual Stress is thought to be caused by hyperactivity of certain groups of cells in the brain. Some people with no apparent problems with their eyes report that it is uncomfortable to look at certain patterns, including a page of words, where words appear to move, wobble or flicker, while others see colours or patterns in the words. This tends to make reading for any length of time uncomfortable and can lead to eyestrain, headaches or even migraines.

How ReadEZ Can Help You

ReadEZ is a modern and efficient system for diagnosing and managing Visual Stress. We are a registered ReadEZ Test Centre so pop in to see us and we will help assess whether ReadEZ could help you.


For some the benefits may be slight but for others the effects can be dramatic, significantly increasing reading speed and fluency and reducing headaches and eyestrain.

To find out more about ReadEZ, please visit

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