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Optomap machine at Norville Keynsham

What is Optomap?

Our Optomap works by using red and green lasers to scan across the inside of your eye, giving our Optometrists an ultrawide field view of your retina which can show up to 85% more of your retina than without optomap.

The imaging is non-invasive and nothing will be touching your eye during the images being captured. Both OCT and Optomap scans are usually done without the need for dilation (drops in the eye) which allows you to continue with your day immediately afterwards.

Optomap scan image

Optomap Imaging

We are proud to offer Optomap imaging for our patients as we endeavour to provide the most thorough eye health check and spot any potential concerns as soon as possible.

Enhance your eye test

Our particular Optomap equipment is the Optos Daytona. This model benefits from a 200° view of your retina in as quick as 1/2 a second.

In that short time, we get a high-resolution colour image where we can take a much closer look at a larger portion of your eye.

Available as part of our Enhanced Eye Examination, our Optomap is suitable for all ages and, partnered with our OCT Scan, we can create an in-depth review of your eye health and keep these images on file to spot any changes over time.

Optos Daytona machine
Women booking a OCT appointment

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We know how busy life can be, so we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get the eye care you need. With our MySight online booking portal, you can book appointments when it's convenient for you. 


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