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When considering sunglasses, if we think beyond “does it look good?” or “does it feel comfortable?” we might ask “does it protect me against UV?”.


People can often think that a more expensive pair will protect more, and there may be reasons why it might to do with the fit for example, but all sunglasses sold in the UK must bear a CE mark which means that they will give UV protection up to 380nm. Some like the Polaroid range will gives full UV protection up to 400nm.

There are, however, differences between a cheap pair of sunglasses and a more expensive pair. These may be due to the quality of the frame or the tint or an aspect of the design.


As with anything it is true that you get what you pay for.

Woman with sunglasses on the beach


Does it protect me against UV?


As with all spectacles the fit should be secure but not too tight in that it shouldn’t rub anywhere or slip. Bear in mind that many sunglasses cannot be adjusted in the same way that normal spectacle frames can be so it is important that they feel right from the start.


A more expensive pair of sunglasses may have a better quality frame that may stand more punishment. Bear in mind that many “fashion” sunglasses in rimless or semi rimless styles will be more fragile.

Woman Wearing Sunglasses


Tint Colour

You can get sunglasses in many different colours and shades, the most common being brown or grey. In most cases the best tint will be the one that you feel happier looking through. A grey tint will tend to keep colours more natural but a brown can enhance tonal differences.


Tints can appear the same but block off different wavelengths of light which is why one lens may be more comfortable or clearer than another of the same colour.

tinted sunglasses
Polarised Lenses

Polarised sunglasses are available from all of our practices from just £49.95 and can be glazed to your prescription.


Protection from the discomfort of sun glare ranks as the number one benefit that people want when purchasing sunwear.

Polarised lenses cut out glare from reflected light such as the dazzle you get when light shines on a body of water or a road. Ordinary sunglasses do not provide sun glare protection; only polarised lenses do.


While sunwear is often considered a seasonal accessory, sun glare protection is important all year round. Vision obscured by sun glare is one of the leading causes of road accidents.


Sun glare is harshest when reflected off concrete and glass, making driving conditions dangerous. Reducing sun glare with polarised lenses means safer, more relaxed vision.

Polarised Sunglasses


Tints can help with certain sports, for example, high contrast tints can help pick out fast moving balls in sports such as cricket or golf. Polarised lenses can be useful for some sports such as fishing as well.


Some sports spectacles such as those by Adidas and available from Norville Opticians have interchangeable tints that can be altered to suit the light conditions at the time or have venting to stop the lenses fogging up.


Depending on what your needs are there’s probably an ideal sunspec for your sport or activity and the Dispensing Opticians at Norville Opticians will be able to help you with your selection.

Man with sports sunglasses
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