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Women having an OCT Eye Test

What is an OCT Scan?

An optical coherence tomography scan is a highly detailed, three dimensional image that provides us with detailed information about the health of your eyes. This can help our Optometrists to detect and monitor any abnormalities, so you can be sure that you're getting the earliest possible treatment if needed.


OCT scans are painless, quick, and easy - perfect for anyone looking for peace of mind about their eye health! There are no puffs of air or flashing lights and the images are captured in just a few seconds.

OCT Scans in Keynsham

Norville Keynsham is proud to offer Optical Coherence Tomography. This cutting edge technology, in conjunction with our comprehensive eye examination, enables us to detect potentially sight threatening problems much earlier than achievable with conventional equipment.

Why should I have an OCT Scan?

The OCT scan can help detect sight-threatening eye conditions earlier than with traditional techniques and, in some cases, before irreversible damage has been caused.


Keeping a copy of your images on file allows your Optometrist to monitor and identify any changes and, being able to see the retina in greater detail, any potential concerns that may have otherwise been missed, can be spotted at an earlier stage.


We recommend OCT scans as part of every eye test but we particularly encourage an OCT scan for patients with a family history of Glaucoma as well as patients who are diabetic. As we get older, we may also want to take a closer look at your eyes in order to spot any early signs of Age-related Macular Degeneration.

Women having an eye test
Women booking a OCT appointment

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